Madeleine offers strengths-based counselling to adults and teenagers from all walks of life. Working with people experiencing a range of conditions, her areas of expertise include: 

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Relationship issues

  • Confidence and self-worth

  • Working with young people (aged 10-25) 

  • Working with the LGBTIQ+ community and their family and friends

Madeleine sees the inner spark inside every single client - regardless of the issues, difficulties, story or behaviour they come to see her for. Whilst supporting her clients to work through their issues or dilemmas, she holds them as nothing less than the amazingness they are, thus allowing each client to also feel their own amazingness and inner spark.

Counselling is offered in person or online, via zoom.

Youth Counselling

Madeleine has over 15 years' experience supporting children and young people to be and express the truth of who they are.

Children and young people respond to Madeleine's caring, consistent, playful and down-to-earth nature. She constantly reminds them they they are innately awesome, just for being them, and regardless of any acquired skills or presenting behaviours. It is for this reason children and young people continue to open up and 'light up' in Madeleine's presence. 

Madeleine understands the importance of walking her talk - particularly when working with young people - and lives with this integrity in her daily life.

Counselling for LGBTIQ+ young people

and their families

Madeleine estimates she has now worked with well over 100 LGBTIQ+ young people and their families - as a teacher and counsellor, and as a facilitator of social, support and action groups for LGBTIQ+ young people aged 10-25. She has also facilitated social/support groups for parents of trans and gender diverse young people.

In more recent years, Madeleine has noticed a particular call for support from trans and gender diverse young people and their families. Supporting these young people to be who they truly are in a world that tells them they can't be who they are is an absolute strength of hers. Similarly, Madeleine understands the range of emotions that may come with being a parent or carer of a trans or gender diverse child or young person, and she has an enormous amount of compassion and experience working with these families.

What clients are saying...

“Madeleine is one of those incredible people you wish you'd talked to as a young person. She helps confusion become strategies to support oneself; overwhelm to become a moment - not a defining lifetime; and every single session my child leaves aware of her amazingness and sure of how she can navigate life, the next time she turns a difficult corner. An incredible person with skills and relatability that provide true support to young people in need”

—  Miriam


How much is a counselling session?

A counselling session costs $90. Concession rates apply for those who need financial support. Please email madeleine@innersparkhealth.com.

Can I get a medicare rebate?

No. Medicare rebates can only be provided by Mental Health Social Workers and Psychologists. Madeleine has kept her prices at an affordable rate to support her clients. 

What is strengths-based counselling?

Strengths-based counselling separates the person from the problem. This means that the practitioner sees the client for who they truly are — their inner spark — rather than the sum of their presenting issues or concerns. Similarly, strengths-based counselling supports the client to see themselves from their strengths and qualities, rather than their perceived shortcomings.

What qualifications do you have to practice counselling?

Madeleine holds both a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) and a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) from RMIT University.

Are you are part of any association or regulatory body?

Yes, Madeleine is an accredited and registered member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).