About Inner Spark

Complementary Health Services

Inner Spark Complementary Health Services offers modalities that support and confirm the purity of the inner spark. Our inner spark is that essence or light that is so clearly visible when we are born AND that is still there in each and every one of us today — regardless of our age, our behaviour, or what has happened to us in the past.

Clients come to see Madeleine for all sorts of reasons. Some may be feeling mild anxiety related to their home, work or school life; others may be experiencing high stress situations; and then there are those that simply want to feel more full, balanced and vital in their life. 

What ever the reason for coming, Madeleine holds everyone equal in their ability to deal with what is in front of them. 


Madeleine does not offer band-aids or quick-fix short term solutions. What is offered is a space for clients to work through and clear their issues, hurts and protection in a lasting way, always with respect to how deep they want to go in their own healing process.

Every single human being has within them the power to truly heal and clear the hurts, the emotions and the subsequent behaviours that appear overwhelming, all consuming and impossible to overcome...the power to find true settlement.

All that's needed sometimes is a bit of practical support - and that's where Inner Spark Complementary Health Services comes in! Obviously we all also need support from medical and/or other allied health professionals from time to time, and Inner Spark's modalities are Complementary to Medicine, meaning that they work with Western medicine to offer holistic, wrap-around support to the body and the being inside the body.

We, each and every one of us, have an eternal flame inside us. Some people call it their essence, their soul, their light or their inner spark. This flame or light never EVER goes out. How can it when it’s eternal?! Sure, we can try to cover it up with layers of protection and hurts ...but that won’t change the fact that it’s right there, just waiting for us to come back and reconnect.

Madeleine Power

(she/her pronouns)

Bachelor of Social Work (Hons)

Bachelor of Social Science (Psych)

Graduate Diploma of Teaching

Diploma of Chakra-puncture

About Your Practitioner

Madeleine Power is a highly skilled counsellor and chakra-puncturist with a passion for supporting people to be who they truly are. She brings the utmost integrity to her sessions and offers a space completely free of judgement, thus allowing her clients the space to simply be themselves. Madeleine is very practical in the way she supports her clients to come to a greater awareness and develop a sense of empowerment and purpose that they can then take in to their daily lives. 

Madeleine has spent the past 15+ years working in a variety of roles that have always centred around supporting people - particularly children, young people, families and couples. Some of these roles have included: Youth Development Worker at a local council, Primary School Teacher, Case Manager, Counsellor and Youth Residential Care Worker.  As well as working as a practitioner, Madeleine is currently working 4-5 days a week as a youth worker with parents and young people, particularly those from within the LGBTIQ+ community. She has her feet firmly planted on the ground and a solid understanding of the current needs and issues faced by young people, parents and families. 


Madeleine meets her clients with a care, openness and relatability that puts everyone at ease. Having had the support of amazing practitioners to find her own inner spark, Madeleine understands the importance of walking her talk and talking her walk. She is transparent, consistent and ever-present in the support of her clients.

Madeleine lives with her amazing wife, Emilia, in Melbourne's Northern suburbs. 

Madeleine is thrilled to be working alongside Antonietta Bua at her clinic in Bundoora. Antonietta is a well known and highly respected Social Worker in the area.